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'St. Soleil' literally translates as " Saint Sun " or "Holy Sun". It's representative of our luminous Sun,
which is the centre of our Solar System, the life giving vital energy that nourishes us all, and illuminates our world.


St. Soleil was born under a New Moon in early 2019 and captures the magic, allure and mystery inspired by the Universe. Our coveted pieces are created, designed and curated by Etre Britta in her Sydney Studio, in an intuitive, genuine and thoughtful process of creation. Every item and spiritual tool is intended to be cherished everyday, while nourishing the soul for years to come.

Our Team • 
The St. Soleil team is a small circle of beautiful souls dedicated to fulfilling our brand mission of igniting and sharing beauty and light with the collective; promoting grounding, self-nurturing and self-connection.

Our Collection • St. Soleil's collection is a curation of coveted pieces for the Modern Mystic and luxe accessories to adorn your Earthly Temple. Through our creations, we invite you to explore your inner landscape, ground deeper into your knowing, find rhythmic flow with your unique experience here on Earth and to embrace all that you are -- an expression of divinity.