About Us


'St. Soleil' literally translates as " Saint Sun " or "Holy Sun". 
It's representative of our luminous Sun, 
which is the centre of our Solar System, the life giving vital energy that nourishes us all, and illuminates our world.

Founded under a new moon in 2018, St Soleil has been quietly attracting a cult-following of Modern Mystics with its alluring range of spiritually-considered offerings. Known for their refined, quality pieces and intuitive process of creation, St Soleil creates timeless pieces intended to be treasured everyday while nourishing your soul for years to come.

"Our coveted pieces are designed, crafted and/or curated in our sunny oceanside Studio in Sydney, Australia. Through our offerings, we invite you to find opportunities for self-growth, spiritual nourishment and to honour your Earthly Temple as the expression of Divinity it is." - Britta

Ancient wisdom for modern illumination. @st.soleil_