Healing the Abandonment Wound through Self-Love • Ritual

Self Abandonment Ritual

Embracing Wholeness: Healing the Abandonment Wound through Self-Love 

In the labyrinth of our emotional landscapes, the Abandonment Wound stands as a poignant echo of unmet needs and untended scars. Often, we associate abandonment with external factors, forgetting that the most profound abandonment can occur within ourselves. The key to healing lies in acknowledging and addressing this internal self-abandonment, fostering a journey towards wholeness.

The Self-Abandonment Dynamic

The Abandonment Wound, when rooted in self-abandonment, manifests as a disconnection from our own needs, emotions, and essence. It's a silent dance with self-neglect, where the authentic self remains obscured behind veils of societal expectations and unspoken judgments (especially from ourselves). To embark on the path of healing, one must first recognize this dynamic and its impact on overall wholeness of who we are.

Cultivating Self-Love: A Healing Ritual

What You'll Need:

  • Candles: Choose colors charged with magical intent (pink for self-love, white for purification, or gold for empowerment).
  • Tarot Cards: Select cards that resonate with your journey, such as The Empress for self-nurturing or The Star for hope and renewal remove them from your deck and place them on your alter.
  • Crystals: Amplify the ritual's energy with crystals like rose quartz for love or moonstone for intuition.
  • Herbs: Use herbs like lavender for healing or rosemary for remembrance.
  • Feather  or Traditional Besom: Symbolizing cleansing and purification.

Ritual Steps:

  1. Creating Sacred Space:

    • Set up an altar with your chosen items, creating a sacred space for the ritual.
    • Sweep the area with the feather or besom to clear stagnant energy.
  2. Candle Magic:

    • Enchant the candles with intentions of self-love and healing.
    • Light them, infusing the space with the element of fire.
    • Write on a piece of paper "I release the energetic frequency of self-abandonment from within myself" and set alight in the flames. 
  3. Crystal and Herb Infusion:

    • Hold the crystals and herbs, charging them with your intention for healing.
    • Place them strategically on the altar creating a circle, a crystal grid if you have one, or one directly in the centre to imbue the crystal with the ritual's energy
  4. Tarot Card Connection:
    • Shuffle the tarot cards, infusing them with your current energy, while focusing on your intention for self-love and healing.
    • Pull cards intuitively, allowing the symbols and messages to guide you toward greater self-discovery and healing. Pull additional cards to unveil unconscious blocks.
    • Journal your card pull, allowing space for a stream of consciousness writing style to flow through you.
  1. Reflective Meditation:

    • Enter a meditative state, visualizing the energy of the candles, crystals, and herbs assisting you.
    • Envision a pink or white sphere around you, cultivating a sense of love, feel your heart centre expanding with this light.
    • Through this light, call back all the abandoned fragments and banished parts of yourself (from within yourself and those you've left out in the world). Inviting them to reintegrate within you.
    • Welcome them with love, embrace, acceptance and grace. Acknowledge them. What have they been longing for? (perhaps it's words of love, perhaps it's simply just you acknowledging and accepting them for who they are). Let them know you're here, older, wiser and ready to embrace them with the love they deserve.
    • Close the meditation with "I am enough. I accept myself and all my parts just as I am. I love and cherish myself and embrace all of me."
  2. Feather Ritual:

    • Use the feather or besom to sweep away energetic remnants of self-abandonment from your alter and around your body.
    • Visualize clearing a path for self-love and acceptance.
  3. Closing the Circle:

    • Express gratitude to the elements, crystals, and tarot cards.
    • Close the magical circle, sealing the transformative energy.
    • Write down a final message to yourself and tie it to your crystal with string, or place it under a crystal from the alter.

Closing Thoughts

Healing the Abandonment Wound through self-love is a continuous journey. This ritual serves as a poignant reminder that within the flickering flames and tarot symbolism, lies the alchemy of personal transformation. May you navigate this ritual with an open heart, embracing the light that resides within and fostering a sanctuary of self-love.


Founder of St Soleil 


Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising.
Living by The Sun, Dreaming by The Moon.


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