Sitting in our seat of Feminine wisdom • Part I

Photo courtesy of Ebyän Zanini for @zazi.vintage

Sitting in Our Seat of Feminine Wisdom In the temple of the wild, Part I
Reading Time: ~8 mins
By Guest and Mystic Writer Ebyän Zanini

So much of Feminine wisdom has been discarded in the last 4000 years, silently hibernating and sometimes erupting through us where She has made a home. As soon as we try to define the Feminine too much, we lose her. In truth, she can only be felt in between my words, in the caress of wind, in the sacred tears of a loved one, in the night sky.

Welcome, Dear Soul,

I invite you to take your shoes off at this door.
Sit with me here in a meadow of wildflowers as we reach out to each other through these screens.
Lay your head on my lap while the wind braids your hair and carries us Home to ourselves tonight.
Rest here, between the words.
Let them anoint your forehead with myrrh and rose.
Let us whisper to each other songs of freedom and letting go.

There is so much noise in our human society - a society that is but a manifested dream of imbalanced creative consciousness. Of course it’s difficult to find and sit in our seat of Feminine wisdom.


So how does one disconnect from the current dominant cultural frequency
and attune to a more soulful way of being?


Our first task, is to carve space of quiet, to Listen. When I say Listen, I do not mean it in the traditional sense of masculine meditative practices where we must sit in this exact way and like military officers, if we break line, we are bad spiritual beings. I mean to carve space for our system to rest, and our soul to speak. To swim in a river, naked, under rain, and watch the lines the water makes around us. To gaze at the colors of sunset, whether caressing building tops, or mountain tops irrelevant. What matters more, is the way we listen to the quality of the air around us. The more we can get out of the way, create soft tender space, the more spirit water can pour into our cups.

When we say the word Feminine, people tend to read that word, and immediately associate or disassociate with it based on gender. Based on whether or not we have been part of the “boys club” or “girls club”. What we collectively tend to forget is that, literally, for creation to happen, both energies merge into one again…and express in a rainbow of ways through us. Therefore, to recognize the Rise of the Feminine energy as a movement equally valuable for ALL genders and gender-fluid beings is a critical element in this recuperation of a meaningful human life.

What role, in particular, do women play in this rise?

To begin, we are reclaiming our throne. We are aware it is not something given, or even, truly taken away. It is ours to claim, to replace the crown of an eternal self-worth upon our heads and hearts, and walk from that knowing with the radiant and sometimes ferocious Love available only to those who are willing to drink from the well of their magnificence. So much of Feminine wisdom has been discarded in the last 4000 years, silently hibernating and sometimes erupting through us where She has made a home. As soon as we try to define the Feminine too much, we lose her. In truth, she can only be felt in between my words, in the caress of wind, in the sacred tears of a loved one, in the night sky. She is tattooed in our hearts and is aching to be woven more deeply into our lives and the systems of our world. She lives beyond the mind, though the mind can help to hold her. She dwells in the body. Allows us to find orgasmic living through our senses and even sometimes, through the radical acceptance of our pain.

Photo courtesy of Ebyän Zanini - Dress: @spiritumtulum

In order for us to be of service to this budding conscious revival,
four key elements are needed:

The first, I have mentioned already, Listen.

The second is, Bravery. The bravery to blossom. The bravery to break in a million pieces. The bravery to speak Truth upon this world, water it with our courage to do so. To learn artful tactics of grace and to recognize sometimes that our raw and primal form of expression is quite often, one of the most potent medicines - though it may not always be received by the masses.

The third key element is to Shed False Skins.
I place this third so as not to feed into the idea that we do this once, and then that’s it. We must remember that we are healing 4000 years of distortion, passed down generationally and horizontally. So we will move forward seven steps, and back two— we are on a spiral path, which means though some patterns and traps may reappear, they will never be the same twice and you are not back to where you were. This is the way of living evolution, of being a living revolution. We are our own greatest work of art and a co-creation with the magic of Life all around us.

The fourth key is, Balance the Masculine. You might wonder, why are we talking about the Masculine if we are looking to sit in our seat of Feminine Wisdom? Well, backwards law. Let me put it this way, in order to Know something, truly Know it, you must know it’s opposite. In order for our Feminine intelligence to flow through us, it needs Masculine structures in place that support and sustain it, breathe life into it even when we are not paying attention. The True Masculine will always be in service - so if we want to activate our Feminine Intelligence, let him lead the way. This is the way to mastery and the path of a Balanced Being.

The final key is, Reign Love.
I hesitate to use this word as it has been shared in a limited form throughout spiritual communities, but in the end, there is no revolution worth having that is not

All that we do we must do from a place of Love for something. That something may vary or be a woven tapestry of many directions. I am, specifically here, going to speak on the importance of Self-Love in the revolution of our times, particularly important for women.

As Nina Simons once so beautifully spoke, “One of the current challenges of the Feminine is knowing when to draw the line between sacrifice and martyrdom. Historically women have been socialized to serve as mothers and wives. From this conditioning arose the belief that self worth is directly related to how many people they nurture. It’s true that leadership is about uplifting others but it should not be at the expense of personal well-being.”

{Continues in Part II...}


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Words by Ebyän Zanini Chimba

Ebyän is a multi-disciplinary artist (writer, dancer, director/producer) and teacher at the intersection of decolonization and feminine mysticism.

Ebyän is the founder of Temple of the Wild, an educational platform and art collective that co-produced the audio-visual masterpiece, “Amoriri” with her partner @apechimba.

Her work bridges art and activism and is driven by a deep love for the earth and the feminine. Ebyän abides by the mystic teachings written in rock, wood, water, and in our hearts, reclaiming the animist spirituality of her Nubian ancestral heritage.

Nubian ancestral knowledge, dreamwork, and plant medicines greatly influence her teachings and art.


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