Two and Three of Wands - Decoding Tarot

Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck by St Soleil

Two or Three of Wands • Decoding the Tarot • Reading Time: ~4 mins
By St Soleil Founder, Britta

Why are these two cards so closely related in their interpretation and message?
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​"​ I remember when I was learning and thinking: 'BUT WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!?' So in the new Edition {IV} of Lucid Dreams I have attempted to give them more distinct meanings and split their personalities a little more for you!" -from Britta, St Soleil Founder.

Here are some tips to help you untangle these two Minor Arcana cards:

Zodiac: Aries / Element: Fire / Planet: Mars in Aries

The Two of Wands is a Tarot card that is traditionally represented by a person who stands at a crossroads, trying to decide which path to take. In the card, a man is holding a wand in one hand while gazing out over the horizon. He seems to be contemplating his options and thinking about the future. The second wand is planted firmly in the ground, suggesting that he has made some initial progress towards his goals.

The Two of Wands often symbolises a time of decision-making and planning, where one must consider their options and decide on a course of action. It can also indicate the need for a new perspective, fresh ideas, or a willingness to take risks to achieve success.

↪ Overall, this card encourages one to have confidence in their abilities and to be proactive in creating the life they desire. It is a card of ambition, creativity, and the willingness to take risks.

↪ In reverse, it suggests that you may feel uncertain or hesitant about taking action on a new opportunity. It may also suggest to seek the advice of others or collaborate with someone who can provide support and guidance.


Zodiac: Aries / Element: Fire / Planet: Sun in Aries

The Three of Wands is a tarot card that traditionally portrays a figure standing on a cliff, gazing out at the vast sea and holding onto three wands. The figure seems to be waiting for something, perhaps a ship to come into the harbour. The
sky is clear, and the sea is calm, suggesting that the waiting period is peaceful and optimistic.

The Three of Wands often signifies anticipation, growth, and progress. It suggests that the groundwork has been laid, and it's time to take the next steps towards achieving a goal. In that matter, it may be more direct than the Two of Wands, encouraging One to see that the opportunity is right before their eyes.

↪ Overall, this card suggests that you have a clear vision of your goals and are ready to take action to achieve them. unlike the Two of Wands, the options have already been considered! You have a sense of adventure and are willing to explore new territories and take risks to succeed..

↪ In reverse, itsuggests a need for patience and a reminder to stay grounded. You may be feeling restless or anxious to move forward with your plans, but this card indicates that you need to take a step back and reevaluate before making any big decisions. There may be delays or setbacks that you weren't anticipating: The Three of Wands reversed can also indicate a need to shift your focus from external goals to internal fulfilment.


Extracted from our St Soleil Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Guidebook - Edition IV - 240 pages of precious knowledge written by our Founder, Britta, as she wishes she was told at the time of her beginnings…


Words by Britta, St Soleil Founder

Lucid Dreams Tarot was conceived from the desires of my younger self, who was ready and eagerly awaiting guidance in the early stages of my spiritual journey. This guidebook is created in the way I wish (like, seriously really WISHED) someone would have explained it all to me.

Tarot cards are spiritually sacred tools used to connect with angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, Deities, or the ‘God’ of your choice. They are entirely safe; they only work with pure light and high vibrational energies. As the vibration of your question, thought pattern, or heart energy imparts into the deck, you will draw the card(s) that match this vibrational frequency.

Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey, xo

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