Two vs Three of Wands - Decoding Tarot

2 and 3 of Wands in Tarot

Untangling the Dance of Two and Three of Wands: Decoding the Tarot

In the mystical world of tarot, the Two of Wands and Three of Wands often find themselves intertwined in interpretation, leading to a legitimate tarot tangle. "I remember when I was learning and thinking, "this is wild, they're so similar it's an absolutely headache, is it me? Am I not understanding properly? Or are the interpretations out there really not that helpful?". So in the new Edition {IV} of Lucid Dreams, I have attempted to give them more distinct meanings and split their personalities a little more for you! Let's explore →

Two of Wands: Embracing the Crossroads

Zodiac: Aries / Element: Fire / Planet: Mars in Aries

In the dance of tarot, the Two of Wands emerges as a card enveloped in the energy of crossroads and decisions. It unveils a figure standing at the intersection of paths, holding a wand while gazing into the horizon—a symbol of contemplation and future pondering. The planted wand signifies initial progress, urging us to consider options, make decisions, and adopt a new perspective or fresh ideas. Overall, it whispers of confidence, ambition, creativity, and the courage to take risks.

In reverse, the Two of Wands suggests uncertainty or hesitation in seizing new opportunities. Seeking guidance or collaboration with a supportive ally becomes paramount in navigating this nuanced terrain.

Three of Wands: Gazing Beyond the Horizon

Zodiac: Aries / Element: Fire / Planet: Sun in Aries

Stepping into the tarot stage, the Three of Wands unveils a figure on a cliff, overlooking the vast sea, cradling three wands. This card paints a picture of anticipation, growth, and progress—a scene of a peaceful and optimistic waiting period. Unlike its counterpart, the Three of Wands beckons towards action, signifying that groundwork is complete, and it's time to move towards a goal. The card radiates a sense of adventure, urging exploration of new territories and taking calculated risks for success.

In reverse, the Three of Wands serves as a gentle reminder for patience and grounding. It encourages a step back for reevaluation before embarking on significant decisions. Restlessness and eagerness to move forward may need tempering, emphasizing the importance of internal fulfillment over external goals.

Untangling the Cosmic Thread

As we navigate the cosmic tapestry of the Two and Three of Wands, we unravel the distinct energies they bring to our tarot readings. I've attempted to encapsulate this knowledge in the St Soleil Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Guidebook - Edition IV, which guides us through the nuances of these cards, offering precious insights that transcend the boundaries of time and knowledge.

In this dance of tarot, may we find clarity in the distinctions, and may our tarot journeys be enriched by the wisdom held within each drawn card. As I reflect on my early journey into Tarot I hope you may also embark on a journey of discovery, armed with the knowledge that I wish I was told many moons ago.


Final Words

Lucid Dreams Tarot was conceived from the desires of my younger self, who was ready and eagerly awaiting guidance in the early stages of my spiritual journey. This guidebook is created in the way I wish (like, seriously really WISHED) someone would have explained it all to me.

Tarot cards are spiritually sacred tools used to connect with angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, Deities, or the ‘God’ of your choice. They are entirely safe; they only work with pure light and high vibrational energies. As the vibration of your question, thought pattern, or heart energy imparts into the deck, you will draw the card(s) that match this vibrational frequency. Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey.



Founder of St Soleil 


Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising.
Living by The Sun, Dreaming by The Moon.



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