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Featuring: a full Moon in Libra just on time for Easter, Jupiter conjuncts the sun in Aries followed by a New Moon in Aries (yay to the horns!), entering Taurus season and her Mercury Retrograde,... it won’t be a boring kind of moon cycle my dears!

We draw inspiration from the stars for you, bringing you a soft conversation each month about what the cosmos may have aligned for you and the collective. If the concepts resonate, delve a little more into it; if our words bounce back and sound too mysterious, let them go Beautiful Seeker (no offence to us!).

Our overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, primarily our very own Founder Britta and her channelled Celestial Journal, complemented beautifully by the divine Cafe Astrology.

April 6, 2023: Full {Pink} Moon in Libra

Named for the seasonal North American wildflower Phlox Subulata, the full Pink Moon in Libra yields a time of plenty. Ruled by Venus, Libra has a benevolent energy that, during the full moon, causes people to prioritize their interpersonal relationships. If you feel a bit 'off' with anyone in your life, a full moon in Libra is a great time to recalibrate that relationship and heal.
According to Astrology, a full moon in Libra leaves people poised to communicate, so settling any outstanding issues may actually be easier during the Pink Moon.
You may also find yourself and those around you to be more intuitive during this transit. Feel like you can predict the future? That's because the full moon in Libra makes us more sensitive, so be wary when capitalizing on that craving for communication. Babbling for too long could lead to further conflict instead of resolution.
{tip: in your Celestial Journal, you will find the perfect tarot spread to channel the energies of this full moon}

April 9, 2023: Easter, Passover & the Spring Goddess

Isn’t it magical to remember our roots and go down the path of unveiling traditions… ♡

As with many traditions known to be Christian today, Easter finds its origin in a pagan festival: celebrating spring, the renewal of life, but most importantly it is based on the mystical and sacred celestial calendar. In 325AD, the first major church council, the Council of Nicaea, determined that Easter should fall on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.

What does Easter mean then? Well, in most of Europe, the celebration gets its name from the Jewish festival of Passover, which occurs at a similar time to the spring equinox. So in Greece, Easter is called Pascha, in Italy it is Pasqua, in France it is Paques, and in Denmark it is Paaske. But in Germany and English-speaking countries, the name of pagan goddess Eostre – the goddess of spring and fertility - got transformed into Easter…!

Image Credit: Lucas Pezeta

☉ ☌ ♃
April 11, 2023: Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Aries

A powerboost for Jupiter in Aries, when she conjuncts the Sun today.
Here is what Cafe Astrology enlightens us with on this event: “We’re wide open to possibilities and opportunities. Vitality increases, and we’re especially generous, optimistic, and sociable. This is a good time to take steps to grow something – our business, our significant relationships, and so forth.”

{tip: check where Jupiter sits in your natal chart!}

April 15, 2023: Sigrblot/Sumarsdag, first day of Summer in Scandinavia

On the fourth full moon of the year, the old Icelandic (or Norse) calendar invites us to celebrate the first day of Summer by making sacrifices to the God Odin, for our victories, summer travels and conquests ahead, and by honouring the Goddess Freya for the victory of light over darkness.
Bring forth the meaning and vibration of the word Courage, and reflect on its meaning in your life today.

April 19, 2023: New Moon in Aries (yes, again!) and Solar Eclipse

Oh, the feels! This second new moon in the final degree of Aries rounds up a strong cycle under which to re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves. With this potent Aries energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives.

It’s time to make some solid yet realistic plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks’ time after the Full Moon occurs.

Remain mindful, Dear One: the energy of a Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ your vision forward, such that you can take time to positively reassess where you have been and use this knowledge to make quantum leaps on your path moving forward: a profound opportunity to leap into a new sphere of existence beyond your perceived limitations.

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April 20, 2023: Entering Taurus Season

The sun entering Taurus gives off a sweet, laziness-inducing vibe about the good life, good eating, self-love…

This climate is good for working, for making profitable investments.

But, this return to a calmer climate won’t please everyone, and those that are more impatient will have to remember that a short month is all it takes before the sun regains its energy and fantasy in Gemini.

Until then, remember: patience is a virtue…

Here the skies have prepared for us a deliciously sweet recipe of New Moon in Aries + Solar Eclipse + vibey Taurus, to be savoured with a cup of your favourite {iced?) tea… whilst the seasons change and their new energies settle into our cosmic layers!

The cinnamon stardust on the top? 2023’s second retrograde, Mercury in Taurus on April 21st, invites us deep into our essence. Looking at your own values, re-aligning your energies to what truly lights you up from deep inside, and rethinking our sense of security.
“Venus-Ruled Taurus wants to feel good in its own skin. On a deeper level, Taurus rules our self-esteem, our self-sufficiency and our value systems.”

April 22, 2023: Earth Day, Honouring Gaia

Take a walk barefoot in nature; touch the soil and its sacred creative energies; infuse yourself with the bounty of Mother Nature, her daily abundance and generosity, the source of love.

Our prayer to you, dear St Soleil reader:

“As you center your being and weave the wonderment of the celestial skies
into the tapestry of your daily life,
may a beautiful inward journey
continue to unfold before you,
providing space for greater soul descension
and integration
into your Human Experience.”

Words by Laurie Foulon.

From the ripples of the moon, Laurie lives with the tides of this life in water-like motion. Ebbing and flowing, her Cancer Zodiac nature fills her with the rhythm of emotions, and she dances through their swaying branches to find inspiration guided by intuition.

Carer for the heart of humanity, our blue planet and its myriad of life forms, Laurie finds creativity in the everyday unfolding of events around us... and plays with weaving them into words that can be worn like precious pearl necklaces around our necks.

Born a woman in the South of France (an auspicious alignment with St Soleil), she has travelled inwards and outwards, throughout the world, and has for now anchored her roots in Australia. Her yin qualities embrace femininity, and she sure is one to "Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon".



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