Your May Astrology Guide {2022}


Your Guide to the upcoming Astrological dates this month • Reading Time: 3 mins

Featuring; New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Libra, and Welcoming in Taurus Season and a New Moon in Taurus… plus a solar eclipse!

We're excited to be reigniting our love of crafting words of cosmic connection, bringing you a soft conversation each month about what the stars may aligned for you. Our overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, primarily our very own Founder Britta and her channelled Celestial Journal, supported by our Child of the Universe oracle card deck, and the wonderful Cafe Astrology.


May 10, 2022: Mercury Retrograde Begins

“Mercury retrograde is a time for channeling mental energy inward, reflecting, re-assessing, and rethinking whatever it is we've been focused on over the past few months. When Mercury is in retrograde, our communication will be challenged. Watch out for misunderstandings, miscommunications and any unnecessary arguments that may arise.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 31.

Beware, gentle soul, as Mercury is not in fact retrograding (travelling backwards), it is only the human perception that has resulted in this choice of word. A deeper subject to delve into in your own perfect time, but its effect on the Earth may result in a certain blur, delays in time, and challenges.

Travelling back to our April journal entry… inviting you to sit and ground, honouring the element of earth and nourishing your soil: Mercury retrograding in Taurus season at the beginning of May will invoke free-er communication, a sense of liberation of the senses, and yes you have preempted it… flirting is at its highest! Later this month, her transit into Gemini makes Mercury feel right at home, with smooth-as-honey use of words but also proving one’s point!


May 16, 2022: Full Moon in Sagittarius / Lunar Eclipse

“Your positive mood makes you attract others - celebrations with friends. No longer plagued by feelings of boredom, you are able to enjoy the bounty of life since you've taken charge of your own well being.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 25

Flirtatious month, we witness you going about like a magnet in this beautiful world! Manifest meaningful friendship and supportive relationships, romance and passion, where is your perfect balance and where/who do you feel most at home with?

In Page 21 of our Celestial Journal, you can delve deeper in the Lunar Eclipse and its dance with your inner world. It takes two to tango, the conscious and subconscious, the higher and human self, your light and darkness. “Eclipses have Divine purpose and higher reasoning for their unique cosmic occurrences. They provide you with an energetic platform in which to help you evolve and advance in your spiritual development.”


May 21 , 2022: Gemini Season

“Urges us to build new connections, communicate with anyone and everyone, meet new people, and to grow in this energetic ambiance. With this transit, intellectual exchanges in your relations with others, and trips elsewhere, will be many and highly energized. Still, due to impatience, a strong tendency to be scattered or overemotional, some will have trouble seeing things .” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 27

Yang, action, outwardly, qualify the Gemini season. Symbolised by twins, it can also invoke a sense of division, between the head and the heart. Seek opportunities, embrace your flexibility, feel yourself be available and be beautifully open to the world’s highest vibrations. The element of Air is carrying you through the clouds of being human on this earth!


May 30, 2022: New Moon in Gemini

“Thinking about future plans, difficulty focusing due to so many new ideas at this time. You won’t need too much outside stimulation to incite more activity in your head, you’ve got plenty of your own.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 24

Embrace the curiosity that wraps the Gemini soul at this time of year! When the thoughts and rational reasoning take over the magic of this life of yours, tune back into the slow nature, the calm rhythm of your inner world. Balance your yin and yang, water and ether, creating your own sparkling bubbly inside!


Words by Laurie Foulon.

From the ripples of the moon, Laurie lives with the tides of this life in water-like motion. Ebbing and flowing, her Cancer Zodiac nature fills her with the rhythm of emotions, and she dances through their swaying branches to find inspiration guided by intuition.

Carer for the heart of humanity, our blue planet and its myriad of life forms, Laurie finds creativity in the everyday unfolding of events around us... and plays with weaving them into words that can be worn like precious pearl necklaces around our necks.

Born a woman in the South of France (an auspicious alignment with St Soleil), she has travelled inwards and outwards, throughout the world, and has for now anchored her roots in Australia. Her yin qualities embrace femininity, and she sure is one to "Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon".


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