Mystic Dreams • Advanced Tarot Deck {Limited Edition Soft Iridescence}

R$ 166,00 BRL R$ 332,00 BRL


An alchemy of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Mysticism.

• Card Deck • Tarot Cloth • Mini Angel Aura Crystal •

Advanced Practitioners / 𓂀
A new age tarot deck for Advanced Practitioners already fluent in the language or tarot. For lovers of esotericism, mysticism, ancient dreamscapes and ethereal visions.

About / 𓆸
'Mystic Dreams' is woven together from illuminated threads of light, Mystic Iconography, Ancient Motifs, and esoteric wisdom pulled from the Universal fabric of our existence. 

Moonbeams & Light Rays /  𓁚
Enveloped in golden rays of moonlight, 'Mystic Dreams' invites us into the multiple dimensions that lay beyond. An analogous exploration of the way light can be bent, our visions refracted and kaleidoscopes of ethereal wisdom pivoted into view.

Intended to be Read by Sun, Moon or Candlelight /  𓁚
Intentionally crafted and designed with soft, subtle and ethereal aesthetic to soften the field of view and suspend you in a state of dreamy expanse. Gently move or oscillate your card to reveal the golden foil inscriptions catching and reflecting the sun, moon or candlelight. Soften your perception. Unveil mystic messages.

• Card Deck • Tarot Cloth • Keepsake Box • Mini Angel Aura Crystal Point •

(Selenite Moon Crystal show in photo not included in this deck, but the Mini Angel Aura Point is.)

ⓘ New to tarot? Take a look at our Beginners Tarot here instead

Luxe Linen Card Stock / Holographic Rainbow Foiled Card Designs / Moonbeam Rainbow Foiled Card Edges / Crafted With FSC Sustainable Paper
• 78-card deck with all Major and Minor Arcana Cards
• Holographic foil design details on card front & back
• Luxe linen thick card stock
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm
• Deck thickness ~1.5" / ~3.4cm

A Considered Bundle Set, Crafted For Your Journey Ahead.

✧ Keepsake Card Box With 3 Compartments
✧ 78 Card Tarot Deck
✧ Vegan Silk Tarot Cloth With Mystic Visions
✧ Small Aura Quartz Crystal Point For Ethereal Connection
✧ Organic Cotton Dust Bag For Safe Keeping

ⓘ No Guidebook  ( Crafted For Advanced Practitioners already familiar with Tarot )
ⓘ Need a guidebook? We recommend our Beginners Tarot Deck!

Gender Neutral Cards And Some New Card Titles Exclusive To The Mystic Dreams Tarot Deck*

All Card Numbers remain the same.

Minor Arcana:
Kings → Rulers (Masculine Energy)
Queens → Sovereigns (Feminine Energy)
Knights → Conquerers (Masculine Energy)
Pages → Seekers (Neutral)

Major Arcana:
(0) The Fool → The Seeker
(1) The Magician → The Manifestor
(2)The High Priestess → Sacred Wisdom
(3) The Empress → Divine Feminine
(3) The Emperor → Divine Masculine
(5) The Hierophant→ Jupiter
(6)The Lovers → Sacred Union
(9) The Hermit → The Sage
(10) Wheel of Fortune → The Fates
(12) The Holy Dancer → The Hanged Man
(13) Death → Death & Rebirth
(15) The Devil → The Shadow
(16) The Tower → Divine Intervention
(20) Judgement → The Awakening
(21) The World → Completion

*{channeled Cosmic Downloads By St Soleil Founder}

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tiffany Caronna
Mystic Dreams

I doubt they'll allow anything less than 5 stars on their site, but speaking as a tarot collector with over 100 decks, this deck leaves quite a lot to be desired - ESPECIALLY for the price. I've paid half as much for decks with far more style and substance.

A few specific complaints:
- While I love the color combo of mauve and gold, the foil effect and low contrast makes these cards extremely difficult to read except in bright light.
- The text and embellishments on each card are sloppy and blurry. Too bold a font printed too small, perhaps.
- The card backs are asymmetrical. I don't always mind this in a tarot deck, but considering that this deck claims to be "advanced", it complicates readings by telegraphing a reversal in advance.

Broadly, this deck is more style than substance, and even the style is mediocre at best. Perfect for anyone looking to drool some vacant content onto their Instagram feed, not so great for collectors.

Hi Tiffany, thank you for your honest feedback. We appreciate that Tarot Decks are very personal tools and won't pair with everyone. We hope you've enjoyed your complimentary return offer to find something more aligned with your preferences, we would always prefer to re-offer the deck to someone else who feels called to it. Mystic Dreams was intentionally created to weave a narrative of 'light'; elusive, soft, dreamy, ethereal and reflective. Our heart and soul is poured into each of our creations, and every aspect is considered and executed with intention. We understand this deck wasn't for you. Thank you for sharing your review ~ St Soleil x


St Soleil have done it again!!! Just absolutely stunning!!! No words!!!

Thank you, dear Anu. Embrace the mystical whispers! Sending you cosmic blessings, ~St Soleil x ✨

Olivia Victoria

I got this as a gift and it’s just simply beautiful. The quality and experience is incredible. It also arrived quite quickly and well packaged. St Soleil has quickly become a favorite shop and I can’t wait to make another purchase. Thank you!

Oh the overflowing sweetness with your review, Olivia.. We are so delighted! ✨ May the gift be a constant reminder of the beauty in the world and the special bond we all hold. With love, ~St Soleil x


Amazing thank you

Lovely! Have a wonderful time tuning into the new Mystic Dreams deck, dear one. ✨


It was amazing. I loved the cute gift. I was touched by their concern. thank you.

Thank you for your gleaming review, Sato. We hope you have a pleasant journey with your new decks {and crystal key décor}, may the universe’s messages guide you always. ~ Love, St Soleil x

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