Ritual Space • Selenite Flower of Life Plate

¥3,800 JPY

Choosing peace and calm above all is our way of life.

A sacred and gorgeous Selenite plate with the Flower of Life engraved on it. The Flower of Life is one of the most significant geometric patterns there is and is said to be the representation of the cycle of life. This Flower of Life plate is perfect for displaying, cleansing, and charging your gemstones. Selenite is one of the few gemstones that can recharge itself and do the same to other Crystals making it a must-have! Add this to your altar or make the day of a crystal-healer by gifting them this Selenite plate.

{Perfect for charging and creating crystal grids}

Made in Morocco.

Selenite, also known as the angel stone, has a powerful spiritual effect on you - the Crystal fastens your spiritual development and also increases insight into your subconscious! It is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene and thus associated with divine feminine energy and moon cycles.

Truly, a beautiful stone that helps you find peace and inner balance.

12cm / 4.72" diameter, 1 cm height

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