Materials & Care


We want you to love and adore your new St. Soleil pieces for years to come. On this page: Materials, Care & Warranty

Solid 10K Gold: Our gold jewellery is made from 10K solid gold. 10k gold is made up from pure 24k gold and other alloys. We love it for its light golden colour and greater durability because of the alloys it is mixed with.

Care: We recommend you remove jewellery before swimming, exercising, cleaning or anything else that may use chemicals or scratch the gold. It is also important to clean your jewellery to remove any dirt, sweat or chemicals that could react with the metals in your gold jewellery and prevent breakdown or damage.

Cleaning: To clean your gold jewellery, we recommend soaking in warm soapy water and buffing dry with a soft cloth or use a jewellery polishing cloth to help maintain shine. You can also use an ultrasonic machine for efficient, safe cleaning.

It can be quite common that gold jewellery can cause a blackening of the skin underneath an earring or ring and the reasons for this (beyond the purity of the gold) can be environmental, chemical and biological. The changes in your body’s chemistry, instigated by fluctuating pH levels can also cause reactions between your skin and the jewellery worn.

Silk Clothing
The high quality silk we use to handcraft our luxe garments is sourced from Italy.
Care: Hand wash in cool water only or have professionally dry cleaned. Store in humidity free wardrobe

Cards, Journals and Books

i. Keep cards in their box or ritual pouch to ensure they stay lint and dust free
ii. Shuffle and perform card readings on a tarot cloth or soft surfaces, avoiding abrasive surfaces
iii. Your items are best stored on a bookshelf or in a sacred space away from humidity and prolonged exposure to sunlight

Ritual Oils
For longest possible shelf life, keep out of prolonged, direct exposure to sun.
Refer to individual items for more details.

Second-Hand Conscious Leather
Leather: Our pieces are created from 100% repurposed leather. We are conscious of our leather products. 
Care: Leather protector is recommended before use. Keep out of direct sunlight and wet weather
We source our material and have our bags created here in Australia.
Repurposed leather refers to items made from secondhand goods, and not sourced directly from tanneries or other leather manufacturers.

Every ST SOLEIL piece comes with a limited warranty in addition to your rights under Australian Consumer Law, covering all manufacturing faults.

Please note that your items can also be damaged by wear and tear (especially if the above care instructions are not adhered to). Damage caused by wear and tear is not covered under warranty and a repair fee will be incurred if your piece is deemed that this is the case.