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Embracing Capricorn's Cosmic Symphony: A Seasonal Ode to Those With Capricorn Placements

In the celestial ballet of Capricorn Season, the sun takes center stage, infusing the universe with the essence of the determined sea-goat. As this cosmic dance unfolds, its impact varies, painting unique strokes on the canvases of those with a Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus or Jupiter in Capricorn. Let's explore the harmonious interplay of these celestial elements during this transformative Capricorn season (~December 21 - January 19)


Capricorn Sun: The Illumination of Purpose

For those with the Sun gracing their Capricorn abode, this season is a solar return, a radiant celebration of the self. The Capricorn Sun, like a masterful conductor, orchestrates the symphony of ambition and resilience. Grounded in purpose, the sun-drenched Capricorn finds its strength in steadfast determination, inviting all to bask in the glow of tenacity and purposeful achievement.

Advice for Capricorn Suns: Channel your inner mountain, weathering storms with grace. Embrace the season's energy to set new summits ablaze with your unwavering ambition.

Capricorn Moon: Nurturing Roots and Celestial Ambitions

The Moon, a gentle luminary, gracing the Capricorn terrain, brings forth a unique blend of nurturing roots and celestial ambitions. As the moonlight bathes in Capricorn's essence, emotions find stability in patient resilience. The Capricorn Moonchild nurtures dreams with a gentle touch, cradling them in the protective embrace of practicality and determination.

Advice for Capricorn Moons: Let the celestial dance of ambition and emotion guide you. Fuse your nurturing instincts with the tenacity to reach new emotional heights.

Capricorn Rising: Ascending to Cosmic Heights

For those with Capricorn as their Rising Sign, this season marks a time of ascension to cosmic heights. The rising sign, the cosmic facade we present to the world, now dons the cloak of Capricorn's purposeful demeanor. Grounded ambition and patient determination become the guiding stars, casting a celestial glow upon the individual's path.

Advice for Capricorn Risings: Walk with purpose and determination. Let the world witness your ascent as you reach for the stars with unwavering resolve.

Mercury in Capricorn: Communicating with Purpose

With Mercury gracing Capricorn, communication takes on a purposeful tone. Thoughts and words become tools for building, grounded in practicality and discipline. The sea-goat's influence guides the mind to articulate ambitions with clarity and foresight.

Advice for Mercury in Capricorn: Communicate your ambitions with precision. Let the disciplined wisdom of Capricorn infuse your words with purposeful intent.

Saturn in Capricorn: Cosmic Architect

Saturn, the cosmic architect, finds its home in Capricorn, emphasizing structure and responsibility. Its influence during this season encourages a disciplined approach to long-term goals. The sea-goat's energy aligns with Saturn's wisdom, fostering resilience in the face of challenges.

Advice for Saturn in Capricorn: Embrace the season's transformative energy to fortify your cosmic architecture. Allow the disciplined spirit of Capricorn to guide your enduring journey.

Venus in Capricorn: Love's Steadfast Anchor

In matters of the heart, Venus draped in Capricorn's elegance calls for a love as enduring as time. Relationships become a fortress of stability and commitment. Let the Capricornian wisdom guide your romantic choices, anchoring your affections in the bedrock of loyalty. In this season, love takes root and flourishes, much like the evergreen that withstands the winter's chill.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Expanding Summit

As Jupiter graces Capricorn, its expansive energy converges with the sea-goat's pragmatism. This season beckons you to expand your ambitions with a grounded approach. Jupiter's wisdom marries Capricorn's diligence, offering opportunities for steady growth. Envision your aspirations as summits to conquer, knowing that each peak holds the promise of boundless horizons.


Final Words

As Capricorn Season weaves its cosmic tapestry, may you find resonance in the harmonious cadence of ambition, resilience, and purpose. Embrace the transformative energy, for in the realm of the sea-goat, celestial heights await those who dare to climb.



Founder of St Soleil 


Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
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