Your February Astrology Guide {2022}


Your Guide to the upcoming Astrological dates this month

Featuring; New Moon in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo and welcoming in Pisces

St Soleil is excited to be reigniting our love of cosmic connection, bringing you a soft conversation each month about what the stars may have aligned for you. If the concepts resonate, delve a little more into it; if our words bounce back and sound mysterious, let them go (we promise we won’t take it personally).

Our monthly overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, such as Chani Nicolas and Café Astrology.


☾ February 1, 2022: New Moon in Aquarius

“Stirs up the inner rebel who is ready to make radical changes as soon as possible. Breaking old habits, contributing in a positive way to the greater society.”

The start of the second month of 2022 calls us to expand our web, and nurture the threads of friendship, love, family connections, community, woven throughout our social circle.

Marvel at yourself for having meaning to every single person around you right now; look at the beautiful influence, impact and inspiration you, your unique being, is bringing to this world.

Your strength resides from within. Maybe the beginning of February was a time to rest and honour yourself, dig up some roots to light the fire of your inspiration: what is 2022 calling from you?

Remind yourself, that no external changes need be expressed: the biggest changes happen within, and shine out from your center.


☾ February 16, 2022: Full Moon in Leo

“Creativity, enthusiasm, and peak energy times. Feelings of light and warmth are abundant. It's time to shine! During the Leo full moon, we explore the evolution of individual consciousness. We look at consciousness through the lens of the development of individualized identity.”

Think of Leo: what does the sacred Lion represent for you? A form of embodied power, roaring with a voice from deep within, a crown of hair like sun rays framing the heart center, allowing its face to shine through to the world. Harness it. If you are a beginner in astrology, reflect on how our ancestors set to name the zodiac signs.

By mid-month, you have found the love within: a sense of compassion, empathy, allowing you to open your heart and express the most beautiful feeling of all: love. Define it, in your life right now. Do you feel love for your morning cup of coffee? For the sun rising this morning, the moon setting tonight?

The Full moon is a great moment to harness the power, the light within; it is also a time when everything is illuminated, so beware: what is showing up from behind the curtains of your life?


☾ February 18, 2022: Sun enters Pisces

New information, original ideas, or unusual encounters arising from Aquarius’ influence over the past few weeks. The climate in general is one of energy, exchange, communication, new dream-laden ideas, imagination, and poetry, but with it also comes the risk of confusion, distraction, or harmful illusion. It is up to each one of us to examine what the effect of this transit will be, in order to better prepare for what may happen over the next few weeks. Best-case scenario: new intellectual discoveries that have been made will be used wisely.

Swim in this with us: the strength of community from the beginning of the month will empower you to express your gifts in a unique way. There are treasures to be unveiled, and you only know which path to take. May it be a newfound way to love yourself; a sense of self-assurance to share innovative ways in your work environment; a communication stream flowing down from the center of your heart creating a magnet for more beautiful souls to join you in this earth mission.

The world is a more beautiful place when you are in it. Pisces is watery, emotional, sometimes slippery and a little lonely. Stay grounded and lift your chin to the Soleil…


If you are being called to dive deeper, we recommend the monthly overview for your sign by Café Astrology here.

Words by: Laurie Foulon


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