Mindful Menstruation

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The power of incarnating into a woman’s body is boundless. When you are born as a woman, you detain within you the power of tuning in to moon cycles, mood rhythms and the dances of seasons - and this comes strongly with the fact that our bodies bleed, each month or to their own chosen perfect time of release.

How do you really feel about bleeding? What are some of your rituals around that time of the month? Have you identified the changes and patterns of your unique body?

Here are our top 4 ways to dive deeper into mindful menstruation:


1. The Phases of the Month

A woman’s body is rhythmic, and many ancient beliefs around the world agree that it is sacredly tuned to the phases of the moon.

I remember visiting a First Nations tribe in Canada, where the elders explained that women were considered sacred and mysterious as they would bleed when the moon was at its fullest. A “bleeding tent” was created for them, outside of the main camp, where women could retreat for 2 days, during their first few days of bleeding, and fully immerse themselves into the sacred power.

Nowadays, our modern lifestyles generally leave little space to go inwards on the first days of menstruation. Think for a moment about what this means to you. Do you notice that your energy flows differently at different times of the month? Are you curious to revisit your anatomy classes and gain a new perspective on the phases of a woman?

This is an invitation to start tuning in a little more into your feminine energy: journal for a few months around the first few days of your menstruation, and thereafter. Take note of the moon phase when your body sheds its lining, in the endless transformation from creation to rebirth.

Hint: our 2022 Celestial Journal is perfectly designed for this!


♥ 2. Rituals and Blood Rites

Inspired by Jane Hardwicke Collins (a Women’s Goddess Guide based in Australia), mindful menstruation can be a deep connection with your body:

“The way the menarche and menstruation are dealt with in our culture, our families and our communities, influences how a young woman understands what it “means” to be a Woman, a cyclical sexual fertile female human being."

Your blood can tell you a lot about your health, acting as biofeedback and analysing what is really going on inside your body every day. Period pain has been normalised, but many wonderful natural remedies exist to bring your body back into balance - as well as changes that you can implement into your lifestyle and diet.

If you experience a repulsion to the concept of analysing your cycle, it may be an indicator that your initiation to womanhood needs peace and reconciliation.

If you are open to exploring this on a deeper level, we recommend the resources from Jane’s website here, or simply by looking into fabulous apps like Flo which shares incredible tips and knowledge throughout YOUR month.



♥ 3. How do you Bleed?

At St Soleil, sustainability and a deep reverence for the earth is one of our core values.

The ways to collect our blood monthly are diverse, and we are lucky to live in abundant environments to even afford access to moon cups, tampons, towels, hygienic wipes and even period underwear. These innovative and convenient options that we choose to use have an important impact on the planet - let alone on our health.

Be kind to yourself. Reflect, research, and adjust where needed. You are doing your best, beautiful, and the opportunity to be more connected with nature is right at the tip of your fingers.

Whilst the choice is utterly personal, would you be ready for a challenge to share your own period apparatus with your closest friend? A vulnerable, yet empowering mission to dismantle the taboo around menstruation!


♥ 4. A Gentle Yoga Practice

Gentle exercise allows your body to relax, releasing blood and unwanted energies in a more peaceful way. It provides your mind with a sense of acceptance for the time of month when you are called to go inwards, introspect and cocoon yourself. View our Reel of the flow below here

Try these 5 Yoga Asanas (poses) as a cuddle for your womb:

  • Start by lying on your back, and hug your knees up to your chest. Place each hand on top of each knee. Inhaling fully, guide your knees away from your chest, keeping your hands on your knees. Exhaling deeply, invite your knees back onto your chest. Repeat 10 to 15 times, closing your eyes if it feels comfortable for you. Focus your energy on the warmth of your lower belly and back, circulating the air and oxygenating your blood.
  • Flow into a modified Cat and Cow, with ending in Child’s Pose on each exhale.
  • Move your body minfully into a simple twist, dropping the knees to the right then left side.
  • Breathe through a static pose with your legs against the wall. Place a pillow under your head or use your yoga mat if you have one.
  • Finish your flow with a simple Child’s Pose, for as long as your body craves it.

Take your time with each movement and breathe through any pain or discomfort that might come up for you in each one. Once complete your body and mind should feel calm and at peace, ready for you to take on your day.


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