January 2024 Astrology Forecast

January 2024 Astrology ForecastEmbarking on the Celestial Odyssey: Navigating January's Astrological Tapestry

Theme: embrace a solid plan, make decisions that carve the path to a visionary future.

Welcome to the first calendar month of our Western World (note that our astrological new year doesn't start until the Spring Enquinox soon, so do't put too much pressure on yourself!).

January's cosmic ballet unfolds with Capricorn's celestial spotlight, casting its influence through Mercury, Mars, Venus, the New Moon, and a touch of Pluto. A cosmic symphony, beckoning us to embrace a solid plan, make decisions that carve the path to a visionary future.

Yet, as the month unfurls its pages, the cosmic narrative takes a turn on January 20th, ushering in the enchanting Aquarius season. A celestial stage set for inspiration urging us to embrace our uniqueness and share our individuality with the world.

Then, on the 21st, Pluto gracefully waltzes back into Aquarius, marking a pivotal moment, a cosmic turning point. It unfurls an era of change, revolution, and innovation, weaving into the very fabric of our cultural landscape. Brace yourself.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower (Jan 3-4): A Celestial Symphony

Kickstarting the year with a celestial crescendo, the Quadrantids Meteor Shower graces the night sky. Like glittering stardust, these meteors light up the darkness, reminding us to look up and dream. Embrace the magic of the cosmos, make a wish upon a shooting star, and let the celestial symphony ignite your imagination.

Mars Enters Capricorn (Jan 5): The Warrior's Descent

As Mars, the fiery warrior, dons the cloak of Capricorn, a grounded strength emerges. It's a time to channel determination and ambition into tangible goals. With feet firmly planted on the earth, navigate challenges with a steady resolve. Embrace the disciplined warrior within and conquer mountains with grace.

New Moon in Capricorn (Jan 11): Seeding Ambitions

Under the New Moon's soft glow, set intentions like seeds in fertile soil. Capricorn's energy invites us to craft a blueprint for the year ahead, grounded in ambition and purpose. Plant the seeds of your dreams and tend to them with patient determination, for they will blossom in the seasons to come.

Mercury Enters Capricorn (Jan 13): Speak with Authority

As Mercury, the messenger, steps into Capricorn's realm, words gain weight and significance. Communicate with authority, and let your ideas be the pillars upon which dreams are built. Craft your messages with precision, for in the language of Capricorn, every word is a stepping stone towards achievement.

Sun Enters Aquarius & Sun Conjunct Pluto (Jan 20): Embracing the Unconventional

Aquarius takes center stage as the Sun enters, ushering in a time of innovation and unconventionality. A cosmic collaboration with Pluto adds depth and transformative power. Embrace the unusual, tap into your unique brilliance, and let the winds of change carry you to uncharted territories.

Pluto Re-enters Aquarius (Jan 21): The Revolution Resumes

Pluto's return to Aquarius marks a cosmic revolution. It's a time to question norms, challenge boundaries, and forge new paths. Embrace the spirit of rebellion, and let your individuality shine. The cosmic winds of change blow, and as Pluto dances in Aquarius, a revolution is born.

Venus Enters Capricorn (Jan 23): Love Grounded in Reality

As Venus graces Capricorn with her presence, love becomes practical and grounded. Build relationships on the solid foundation of shared goals and values. Appreciate the beauty in simplicity, and let love be the steady anchor that grounds you in the midst of life's storms.

Full Moon in Leo (Jan 25): The Radiance Within

Under the Full Moon's luminous gaze, Leo's energy ignites a flame within. Shine brightly, express your creativity, and bask in the spotlight of your authenticity. Let the Full Moon's glow reveal the brilliance that resides in the depths of your being.

Mercury Conjunct Mars (Jan 27): Words of Action

As Mercury and Mars join forces, words become arrows of action. Speak with purpose, and let your ideas lead the charge. Channel the dynamic energy into constructive communication, and watch as your words become catalysts for change.

In the grand celestial ballet of January, let the energies guide you, inspire you, and propel you toward the realization of your dreams. Embrace the magic woven into the stars and dance to the rhythm of the cosmos.

And finally, the month ends with Uranus, Planet of Surprise, shifting direct in Taurus on January 27, after a five-month retrograde that made us question our life path and overall purpose. 


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Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising.
Living by The Sun, Dreaming by The Moon.


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