Your July Astrology Guide {2022}


Your Guide to the upcoming Astrological dates this month • Reading Time: 3 mins

Featuring; Featuring: Full Moon in Capricorn, Leo Season, New Moon in Leo and International Best Friend Day.

We're excited to be reigniting our love of crafting words of cosmic connection, bringing you a soft conversation each month about what the stars may aligned for you. Our overview this month is inspired by exceptional sky-readers, primarily our very own Founder Britta and her channelled Celestial Journal, supported by our Child of the Universe oracle card deck, and the wonderful Cafe Astrology.


July 13, 2022: Full Moon in Capricorn

“Positive changes at work and at home. If you’ve been questioning your recent decisions, you may become more certain by what the universe seems to be sending your way. Your hunches have gotten you this far, so continue to follow it!” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 25.

The invitation for this new cycle is to embody your responsibilities and honour the commitments you have expressed to the outside world (hello Saturn!). Call in innovation, if it knocks at the door! Walk through and out into the light of this full moon, dear one, everything becomes clearer. Under the bright skies, you will know the path to climb the mountain like the goat of this zodiac sign encourages us to.


July 22, 2022: Leo Season

“The sun’s return to its base sign, Leo, confirms that summer (or winter, for those in the southern hemisphere) is truly here. It brings an air of excitement, passions will be heightened and the smell of adventure is in the air.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 27.

Roar into the rays of your own mandala. All shapes, colours, declinations of the intensity are truly seen here. Leo is the ultimate fire sign, succeeding to water season in Cancer (see our June update). Like a cat and cow asana in yoga, the proud yet humble heart offers itself to the world, yet protected by its solid foundation in the ground.

Wear gold (browse our inspiring offerings here), bring forth practices that ignite your passion and vital energy this month!
At St Soleil, we Live by the Sun and our altars will be full of its sacred symbolism.


July 28, 2022: New Moon in Leo

“New flirtations, jumping into new projects that excite you. Let your creative side express itself freely! Give some quality time to nurture these divine gifts that ultimately make your life much richer and more colorful.” St Soleil Celestial Journal, Page 24.

After a June New Moon inviting reflection and more introspection, you may feel energetically safe to embody the rays of sunshine and magnetic attraction that Leo brings. Whilst new moons invite inward journeys, this may be an offering to truly feel the passion within yourself without screaming it to the outside tribe.

Find your sun, connect to your third chakra for a few mornings, shine from the depths of your magnificent Being…


July 30, 2022: International Best Friend Day

Quoting Shania Twain: “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” What an exquisite way to express friendship!

Firstly… are you a best friend to yourself? Remember we can only share a piece of ourselves from a full cup (you can read more from our February post here).

There are many ways to give, and many do not have to be material.

Express your gratitude to one or several friends that are precious to the evolution of your Life in this incarnation, and honour how lucky you are that you have crossed paths!

Reflect in your Ritual Journal which qualities you admire within each of these magical beings that surround you, and maybe list one favourite adventure or memory you have with them!


We will see you next month,

Words by Laurie Foulon.

From the ripples of the moon, Laurie lives with the tides of this life in water-like motion. Ebbing and flowing, her Cancer Zodiac nature fills her with the rhythm of emotions, and she dances through their swaying branches to find inspiration guided by intuition.

Carer for the heart of humanity, our blue planet and its myriad of life forms, Laurie finds creativity in the everyday unfolding of events around us... and plays with weaving them into words that can be worn like precious pearl necklaces around our necks.

Born a woman in the South of France (an auspicious alignment with St Soleil), she has travelled inwards and outwards, throughout the world, and has for now anchored her roots in Australia. Her yin qualities embrace femininity, and she sure is one to "Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon".



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