A Self-Love Spell


A Self-Love Spell & Cord Cutting Ritual Reading Time: ~6 mins
By Guest and Magic Witch Dayla Weiss

I wrote these spells in the context of the approaching mid-February Love Day, tapping into my own self-love and worth.
Today I will guide you through a self exploration Ritual on loving yourself and cutting the cord on what we are holding within ourselves, that needs to be released to move into a place we can hold ourselves with softness and value. This can be a fun one to do with a friend or on your own.

Spell preparation and guidance on how to cut the cord

 You will need for today’s practice:

𓁿A tarot or oracle deck of choice for the spread (check St Soleil's Collection!)
𓁿 Palo Santo or Sage for cleansing the deck/tools/ Space
𓁿 Journal for writing if you wish
𓁿 2 candles (I choose beeswax birthday candles to keep it natural and timing wise is quicker)
𓁿 Salt (I choose pink to host love and healing)
𓁿 A vessel to hold the salt and candles (make sure its big enough to catch any falling burning cord)
𓁿 String/ Cord for tying around candles (choose something natural and not coated so it burns clean and easily)
𓁿 Lighter or matches to ignite the candles.

I invite you now to light your cleansing smoke of choice to cleanse your space, tools, deck, and soul.
Read the first spell aloud:

Spell Ritual (Click on the image to enlarge!)

Tip: click on the image to enlarge

Setting up for the Cord Cutting Ritual

Place your vessel on a flat, sturdy surface. Fill with salt of choice. Place the two candles in the salt beside each other. One will represent you, the other will be the aspects or ideas that you are releasing today to accept your own self love (we will decide what those are after we complete the tarot spread).
Now tie the cord and place it around your candles so that it is being held around them both. Cleanse this with your smoke now and we will come back to this after we go through our cards.
When it feels right, intentionally pull your six cards for your self love spread (see below!).
Take note of how each card makes you feel and what comes up with each one…
Are you finding yourself going into a place of negative thought patterns?
Explore where that might be coming from….

Take as much time as you need with each of the cards.

The Release

Once you have completed the spread, you will have a list or maybe even just one thing you are ready to release from yourself now…
Read aloud the below cord-cutting spell, once. Visualize how it will feel to let go of these aspects. Light the candles while repeating it another time through. Now that they are both lit, repeat one final time and watch and wait while the candle burns down to cut the cord, severing ties that are holding this aspects to you.
Closing the Spell Ritual (Click on the image to enlarge!)

How do you feel? What is coming up?
Do you feel anxious? Relieved? Excited? Peaceful? Be with yourself and breathe yourself through it.
Does the candle that represents you release the cord or does it come from the other candle?

Closing the Spell

Once the cord is broken, thank the elements and directions for coming with you today. Close the spell with the prayer below.
I invite you to sit in stillness as the candles burn completely out, knowing that you are no longer tied to these negative parts anymore. Sit in silence or read aloud the affirmations I have provided for you over as many times as your beautiful heart desires.

May this practice bring you peace and a heart full of light. 

Closing the Spell Ritual (Click on the image to enlarge!)

Words by Dayla Weiss

I am a creator.

Born a woman of the stars just now accepting my self in all my magic. Passionate about supporting other artist, creators and starseeds. You can find me either behind the chair in my hair studio, behind the lense of my camera capturing the beauty of nature or pulling cards. My spiritual journey is all over the place and I have decided against placing a label on myself in that way so I am more open to new expansions and continual change.

@NorthernLoft @l.i.m.i.n.a.l.s.p.a.c.e

Dayla is based in Canada.
Astro: Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Cancer Rising



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