A Tarot Spread to Connect With Your New Deck


Your Guide to Connecting with your New Tarot Deck • Reading Time: ~3 mins

You have manifested a new Tarot Deck into your beautiful toolbox of divination tools - congratulations!

Whether you are new to the journey or have dipped your toes in before, it’s important to note/remind ourselves that Tarot Cards act as a mirror. They are incredibly empowering tools that perpetually assist us in developing our greater sense of self-awareness.

This quick Tarot Spread will enable you to connect with your new deck or reconnect with an old one!

{follow us for guidance...}

• Step one: Cleanse and charge your deck

Your Tarot and Oracle cards have an incredible ability to hold energy. Just like us, these concentrated energies need to be given the opportunity and space to be released, diffused and let go of.

{visit our special Journal Entry for some suggestions}

• Step Two: infuse your energy

Before you dive in and start using your cards, it’s important that you put your energy into them and spiritually consecrate them. Light a candle, find a quiet space and let’s get started!
Close your eyes, and intuitively connect to your cards while you hold them in your hands. Breathing mindfully, holding them still, allow your soul to say “hello”. Let the energy flow from you, to your cards, and from the cards back to you. Take your time to touch, spread, move around and feel the card deck - whatever feels right for you.

You can then open your eyes, and slowly make your way through each card, taking note and connecting with the imagery. Allow yourself a moment’s pause with each one.
Once you’ve met each card, take a moment to feel/think about any specific prayer or intention you would like to imbue the cards with for their lifetime. You will only need to do this once, or after a long period of time without use. Speak your message out loud, or from your heart.

Example Intention —
“I ask that these cards assist me in intuitively connecting to my higher self, the Divine, and spirit guides. I ask that they be accurate, specific, and bring blessing to everyone involved. Please help me to stay centred in my higher self, so that I may hear, see, feel, and know the divine messages that you impart through me and these cards. Please give me the confidence to understand, trust, and follow through with these messages. May every reading impart insight, wisdom and shine a light of truth, so that I may advise myself and others I read for how best to approach situations, or areas of life. I ask that these cards assist me in developing my psychic abilities, by allowing a channel of intuitive knowledge to flow easily and freely through me. In love & light, it is so!”

• Step Three : The Spread

A fun practice to open the communication channel!
Follow this spread to connect with your deck on a deep level and help you to figure out how you work best with each other.

Product: Lucid Dreams • Beginners Tarot in Black Eclipse
Image Credit: Emma @evokealchemy


This is a simple five card spread*.
Working left to right, lay out the cards in accordance with each question:

✧ Card 1 - What do I need to know about you?
✧ Card 2 - What are your strengths as a deck?
✧ Card 3 - How should I work with you?
✧ Card 4 - What are your weaknesses as a deck?
✧ Card 5 - What is the outcome of us working together?

*originally shared by our muses and Tarot Readers Emma and Claire.


For more ways to connect with your deck, explore your Child Of The Universe Oracle Guidebook which include Salt Baths, Crystal Charging and Sage Smudging Rituals, or your Lucid Dreams Tarot Guidebook.


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