New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius St Soleil

Embracing Inner Alchemy: A Cosmic Symphony of Liberation

In the enchanting tapestry of the cosmos, the final New Moon of 2024 emerges as a celestial seeker of freedom—Sagittarius, the bow-wielding wanderer. Cloaked in the lingering shadows of the Scorpio dark moon until 12/12, this cosmic dance orchestrates a profound symphony, inviting us to embark on a journey of inner alchemy.

Under the guiding light of Sagittarius, we are called to bask in the liberating embrace, allowing the energies of stagnation, pain, and the weight of traumas to be unearthed. This is a time of reclamation, as we retrieve energies rightfully ours and transform them into bursts of life force, poised to unfurl into the fullness of our being.

It is a poignant reminder that our shadow is not greater than us, our minds do not command us, and our traumas do not define us. This cosmic juncture is an invitation to command our world from the essence of our being—reclaiming, exalting, and championing the unique radiance that resides within.

Soar on the fiery arrows of Sagittarius, aiming for the stars that beckon towards the fullness of all that we are. As the celestial affirmations echo in the cosmic dance, let us embrace the mantra: "I am radiance, I am Divine, I am renewed, I reclaim my North Star, I am ready, I command."

In this luminous moment, dive into the depths of your soul with our New Moon in Sagittarius Oracle/Tarot ritual in your 2023 Celestial Journal. May the cosmic energies guide you on a transformative journey of inner alchemy, unlocking the radiant essence that defines your cosmic being.

New Moon in Sagittarius for your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign is called to dance with the celestial energies in their unique way. Embrace the whispers of the stars, allowing the New Moon's influence to guide you towards a more profound connection with your cosmic self.

Astro Tip • Use your Moon Sign or Rising Sign to read more about how you'll personally experience this transit


Dear Aries, let the call to adventure echo within. The cosmic energies entice you to rediscover your zest for life. Allow the fiery arrows of Sagittarius to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, igniting a renewed vitality within your spirit.


Taurus, ground yourself in the cosmic dance. This New Moon whispers to your soul, encouraging you to revisit your values and aspirations. Embrace the transformative touch of Sagittarian energy, infusing your endeavors with purpose and a stable sense of self.


Gemini, let your curiosity take flight. The New Moon invites you to explore new realms of knowledge and communication. Embrace the expansiveness of Sagittarius, fostering intellectual growth and forging meaningful connections that resonate with your authentic self.


Cancer, surrender to the cosmic sea of emotions. This lunar event urges you to reflect on your emotional well-being. Let the Sagittarian energy guide you in releasing what no longer serves, making space for joy, love, and emotional fulfillment.


Leo, kindle your inner flame. The New Moon inspires you to reclaim your creative passion and express your authentic self. Embrace the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, allowing it to fuel your creative endeavors and illuminate your path ahead.


Virgo, find solace in cosmic details. This lunar event prompts you to revisit your routines and well-being. Let the Sagittarian energy guide you in seeking a harmonious balance between structure and spontaneity, fostering a renewed sense of vitality.


Libra, seek equilibrium in your cosmic connections. The New Moon invites you to reflect on your relationships. Embrace the expansive nature of Sagittarius, fostering connections that align with your evolving sense of self and mutual growth.


Scorpio, embrace your transformative power. This lunar event encourages you to delve deep into self-discovery. Sagittarian energy empowers you to release old wounds, facilitating rebirth and a renewed sense of personal empowerment.


Sagittarius, it's your cosmic moment. The New Moon beckons you to set intentions for personal growth and adventure. Embrace the radiant energies of your sign, allowing them to guide you towards new horizons and self-discovery.


Capricorn, sow seeds of ambition. This lunar event encourages you to reflect on your goals. Sagittarian energy inspires you to embrace optimism and broaden your horizons, propelling you towards the summit of your ambitions.


Aquarius, flow with cosmic currents. The New Moon invites you to reflect on your community. Embrace the expansive nature of Sagittarius, fostering connections that align with your ideals and contribute to collective growth.


Pisces, dive into the cosmic depths of your soul. This lunar event encourages you to reflect on your spiritual journey. Sagittarian energy guides you to release limiting beliefs, opening the door to profound spiritual growth and self-discovery.


Founder of St Soleil 

Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising.
Living by The Sun, Dreaming by The Moon.


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