The 1212 Cosmic Portal

1212 Cosmic Portal

Navigating the 12:12 Portal

In the celestial ballet of the universe, we find ourselves standing before the enigmatic threshold of the 12:12 portal—a cosmic doorway inviting us to align with our Higher Self, embrace divine guidance, and bask in the wisdom that resides within. It's a sacred moment to ignite our intuition, engage in self-introspection, and experience a moment of divine pause, allowing the vibrational preparation for the manifestations that await us.

The Unseen Window: A Gateway to Cosmic Progress and Wisdom

As we step through this unseen window, a twofold surge of cosmic energy envelops us, propelling us forward on a journey of newfound progress and wisdom. This surge follows a moment of clarity and introspection—a cosmic pause that prompts us to reflect on the path we tread and prepare for the revelations yet to unfold. The question lingers: How can we each discover our unique 'Divine Pause' to harmonize with the cosmic rhythm?

The Twelve in Tarot: A Tale of Surrender and Wisdom

In the mystical realm of Tarot, the number twelve beckons us to suspend ourselves in a state of pause, reflection, and surrender—a theme mirrored in the archetype of The Hanged Man. In his suspended state, The Fool, our cosmic traveler, grapples with a sense of defeat, having sacrificed much on his journey. Uncertain of his next move, he surrenders to the cosmic forces, creating a space for profound rest and recovery.

The Cosmic Journey of The Fool: Finding Higher Wisdom in Pause

During this pause, The Fool's soul speaks up, revealing a deeper truth that transcends the tangible sacrifices. He lets go of control, trusts in the cosmic flow, and shifts his perspective towards higher wisdom. Positioned in a moment of sacrifice, The Fool discovers that this divine space for reflection is essential for progression—much like the cosmic pause we embrace during the 12:12 portal.

Journalling Prompt: Crafting Divine Space for Pause and Wisdom

As we traverse our own cosmic journey, let us ponder the journalling prompt: Where can we create divine space for pause and suspension in our lives, allowing our higher selves to flow into the quietude? This sacred introspection sets the stage for cosmic revelations, aligning us with the rhythm of the universe as we prepare to move forward on the path of wisdom and progress.

In this cosmic dance, may we all find our unique 'Divine Pause' and surrender to the wisdom that unfolds within the stillness.

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Words by Britta, Founder of St Soleil.
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