3 Ways to Read Reversals in Tarot

Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck by St Soleil

Do you read Reversed Cards? Reading Time: ~5 mins
By St Soleil Founder, Britta

In tarot readings, it is common to find tips about interpreting the cards and maybe ignoring reversed cards that fall from the deck while shuffling. When that happens, understand that this individual card took a little more energy to turn itself around. It’s asking for slightly more attention - energy that is requiring your conscious presence.
As with everything in Tarot, how you choose to interpret and read your cards is entirely up to you.

Here are THREE different ways you can read reversals and incorporate them into your readings:

{ 1 } Inner and OUTER Worlds

You can interpret upright cards as your External World, and use the same upright meanings for you reversals, but as a reflection of your Inner World! Of course, if you were to do this, you can ignore the reverse keywords on your cards and use the prompts for your upright position.

Example — Using this technique, the Ace of Cups can be interpreted upright as new emotions (love etc) that are a part of your External World. In reverse, you can ignore the keywords on the card and interpret it as a reflection of your Inner World by understanding it as self-love, self-nourishment, new emotional awakenings within you.

{ 2 } Repressed, Blocked Energies

With technique number II, you can interpret reversals as indications that the qualities and energies described by the cards may be blocked, hidden, or internalised. They are waiting to be expressed and may therefore be calling for the light to shine in the spots they’ve been left hiding.

Example — Using this technique the Ace of Cups can be interpreted upright as new emotions and love still, but in reverse it would indicate the lack of love, an inability to love, feelings of emptiness and repressed emotions.

{ 3 } Leave them out  

Technique three is simple, and most beginners choose to opt for this for simplicity and ease. You can simply turn your cards upright and not read reversals at all! Yes, it’s entirely possible, and there are a lot of Tarot Experienced Readers out there who choose to ignore them.

(I personally prefer to incorporate reversals as I feel there is a deeper understanding that can be accessed by incorporating them.)

Remember, it is always up to you as the channel for cosmic messages, to choose what you welcome in your field and how you intend to interpret it for others!

When you begin your journey with Tarot, start with small, quick readings with few cards. You can ask simple questions and receive simple answers that are easier to interpret.


Extracted from our St Soleil Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Guidebook - 240 pages of precious knowledge written by our Founder, Britta, as she wishes she was told at the time of her beginnings…


Words by Britta, St Soleil Founder

Lucid Dreams Tarot was conceived from the desires of my younger self, who was ready and eagerly awaiting guidance in the early stages of my spiritual journey. This guidebook is created in the way I wish (like, seriously really WISHED) someone would have explained it all to me.

Tarot cards are spiritually sacred tools used to connect with angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, Deities, or the ‘God’ of your choice. They are entirely safe; they only work with pure light and high vibrational energies. As the vibration of your question, thought pattern, or heart energy imparts into the deck, you will draw the card(s) that match this vibrational frequency.

Trust your Self... and enjoy the journey, xo


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