Sacred Self Care {Bundle}

$95.00 USD

Embrace the radiance of daily reflections with our linen and gold foil ritual journal. Each moment is elevated by the aromatic embrace of hand-rolled palo santo incense, cradled in a delicate brass holder. Anoint yourself in the lavish embrace of our Sun Oil, a sacred blend invoking luminous tranquility. This curated ensemble is designed to infuse your days with serene intention and golden moments.

Bundle Includes:
• Inner Focus • Linen Ritual Journal
• Sun Oil {No. 1} Sacred Body oil • 50mL
• Hand Rolled Incense Stick {Palo Santo Flower}
• Tall Brass Water Drop Incense Holder


Kindly observe: Our bundle images are crafted to evoke a St Soleil mood and lifestyle. Any additional items showcased are thoughtfully itemized below for your reference:
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As the solstice nears, heralding the delicate interplay of light and darkness, we present our Winter/Summer Solstice Gifting Collection. Every bundle is thoughtful curated to echo the elevation of this sacred season and the uniqness of your giftees and loved ones ~ St Soleil x

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